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 Join the PTA!

Visit 3D Cart, our online “shopping” site and you can easily pay your PTA Membership Dues & Bell, Seven Bridges and/or Greeley Program Fees, as well as make donations to the PTA and register for Learning to Look, all in one transaction, with a $2. processing fee.  (Elementary school class fees will continue to be collected in cash by class parents as these funds are used for classroom, not PTA, activities.) For information on how membership dues and program fees are used, please click here.

Link to visit 3D Cart 

If you’d prefer to pay your dues and program fees by check, click the links below to print forms.  Mailing instructions and other details are included on the forms.  Forms may be mailed in together, however, each item requires a separate check.

 Chappaqua PTA Membership Form

Bell Program Fees Payment Form

Seven Bridges Program Fees Payment Form

Greeley Program Fees Payment Form

Learning to Look Elementary Registration Form

Learning to Look Middle School Registration Form

School Closings & Early Dismissals

The CCSD 2014-15 School Calendar is now available.  This year, there is a printable version for your convenience. 


Click here for the online calendar, including links for instructions about how to subscribe or update a previous subscription.

Click here for the district summary calendar.

Click here for the printable calendar.


Please remember that there will be changes and additions to the calendar throughout the school year.  It is always best to check the online calendar, as well as the weekly newsletters distributed by each school's PTA, for the most up-to-date information about school and PTA events.

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Latest News

Robots.  Virtual Reality, Animal Exhibits.  Flight Simulators.  Chemistry Experiments.  Math Games.  Electronics.  Minecraft.  Model Car Races.  3D Printers.  LEGO Construction.  Musical Insturments. 

Keynote speaker: James Wynne on Lasers and LASIK surgery invention (12:30pm in the Bell Library)


Visit our very first Chappaqua STEM Fest.  Saturday, April 25th, from 10am until 3pm at Bell Middle School.  FREE Admission.  Check out exhibits from 200 K-12th grade students.  Try hands-on activities from our professional exhibitors.  Bring a book (science or science fiction) for our Book Swap.  And if all of this makes you hungry, there will be food for sale.  For more information, check out   www.chappaquaPTASTEM.com

Community Q&A on the Adopted School Budget

The Chappaqua PTA will be sponsoring two Q&A budget sessions for community members to learn more about the 2015-16 budget, which was adopted at the April 15th Board of Education meeting.  At each session, Superintendent Lyn McKay and Assistant Superintendent for Business John Chow will be on hand to present a brief overview of the adopted budget.  Please join us on Wednesday, April 29th, at 9:30am or 7:30pm.  Both sessions will be held in the Seven Bridges Lower Commons.  Sessions will not be taped for later viewing.


VOTE AT THE HORACE GREELEY HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM – Designated voter parking spots near the gym will be available.

 Please join together with your fellow school district residents to cast your vote on the school district budget and to fill one seat on the Chappaqua Board of Education.  All budget presentation materials and the 2015-2016 School Budget Book are available on the CCSD website.  The Chappaqua PTA Executive Committee has unanimously endorsed the budget process and the budget itself as being both educationally and fiscally responsible. 

 Ballot Proposition about Greeley Cafeteria Renovation

There will be a proposition on the this year’s ballot asking voters to authorize the CCSD to transfer no more than $600,000 from the School Lunch Fund to the Capital Fund for the purposes of renovating and replacing equipment at the Greeley cafeteria.  Monies in the School Lunch Fund can be used only for expenditures relating to the food services program (e.g., equipment, furniture, renovations).  This proposition will have no impact on the school budget in any way, nor does it affect the tax levy or tax rates.  Please CLICK HERE to read frequently asked questions & answers about this proposition.  

Are you registered to vote but unable to be at the polls on May 19th? Do you want to vote using an absentee ballot?  There is still time!  You must first submit an absentee ballot application.  Applications may be downloaded from the school district’s website or are available in person from the District Clerk, 66 Roaring Brook Road, Chappaqua, NY 10514.  Here are important dates to keep in mind:

Tuesday, May 12thLast day to apply for an absentee ballot (if ballot is to be mailed)

Monday, May 18th Last day to apply for an absentee ballot (in person)

Tuesday, May 19thBy 5:00 pm, the District Clerk must have received all absentee ballots


Click here for voter registration and absentee ballot information.  If you have any questions, please call the District Clerk, Theresa Markley, at 238-7200, x1002, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


the CCSD website (note: not the homepage; this is the main page under budget information):  http://ccsd.ws/district.cfm?subpage=1519979


may be downloaded from the school district’s website: http://ccsd.ws/files/filesystem/Absentee_Ballot_Application.pdf


Click here for voter registration…:  http://ccsd.ws/district.cfm?subpage=956256

Did you miss the Chappaqua PTA Spring Meeting?  

Peter H. Johnston, an educational researcher and consultant to the CCSD, gave a presentation entitled "Opening Minds & Changing Lives."  The ways we engage children in literacy and learning, and the language we choose in our interactions with them, influence many aspects of their development, including their social relationships, their intelligence, their self-regulation, and how they handle uncertainty and diversity. Dr. Johnston's talk demonstrated how apparently small changes in the ways we approach learning and language can change children’s persistence and their academic and social futures.  Click here for more information.

View Past PTA Presentations on NCCMC

Did you miss a discussion that was of interest to you?  Select PTA presentations have been recorded and can be viewed on NCCMC (Fios Channel 46, Cablevision Channel 77).  Viewing times vary by week.  The following programs are currently being aired:

Chappaqua PTA presents Elizabeth Englander, Ph.D. -- "Parenting your Children around Social Media & Cyber Issues."

R21K Committee presents "The Consequences of Being Clueless: What you need to know to help your kids and you navigate the teen years safely," a panel discussion.  Appropriate for parents of 7th-12th graders.


In addition, if you would like to borrow a copy of "Parenting your Children around Social Media & Cyber Issues" on DVD, please email Amanda Goodstadt (chappaquaptapresident@gmail.com). 

Get involved!

The strength of our PTA comes from our volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who is already generously donating their time & energy.  If you are new to our district or if you have not yet had an opportunity to get involved, please do so this year.  We welcome new faces and we love new ideas.  To get involved, make sure you receive the weekly newsletters your school PTA sends by email & contact PTA leaders with questions.

 Click here for a list of PTA Executive Committee Officers

Click here for a list of PTA District Committee Chairs

Click here for a list of PTA School Committee Chairs

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